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We invite you to attend the Canada-Israel Cardiovascular Forum (CICI) Forum on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 12 pm EDT (7 pm IDT). The event will feature a keynote address from Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, and presentations from the top six finalists from the CICI competition. See below or download the agenda. 

Keynote Address from Peter J. Fitzgerald, MD, PhD

Talk title: "Digital Health Innovation: Advice for Early Stage Start-ups

Dr. Fitzgerald is Professor Emeritus Medicine & Engineering at Stanford University Medical Center; and Co-founder and Managing partner at Triventures. He has been principle/founder of twenty-four medical device companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has transitioned eighteen of these start-ups to large medical device companies. 
Read Dr. Fitzgerald bio

Company: Biobeat Technologies Ltd. (Israel)

Applicant: Arik Eisenkraft

Innovation: Remote Cardiac Rehabilitation Using an Advanced Noninvasive Wireless Wearable monitoring platform in High-Risk Heart Failure Patients (view summary of innovation


Company: Coramaze Technologies Ltd. (Israel)

Applicant: Ido Sadan

Innovation: Tripair- Next Generation Percutaneous Treatment for Heart Failure Patients (view summary of innovation


Company: PLAKK Inc. (Canada)

Applicant: Kashif Khan

Innovation: Saving Lives One Scan at a Time: An Artificial Intelligence-Powered Ultrasound Analysis Tool to Characterize and Detect Unstable Plaques (view summary of innovation


Company: RBY Medical (Canada)

Applicant: Bradley Strauss

Innovation: Angioplasty Support Sleeve for Peripheral Arterial Interventions (view summary of innovation


Company: Selfit Therapist Robot (Israel)

Applicant: Shahar Figelman

Innovation: Selfit Therapist Robot (view summary of innovation


Company: VenoVision (Israel)

Applicant: Jonathan Maron

Innovation: Contactless Hemodynamic Monitoring, Capable of Improving Therapeutic Management for Obese Cardiovascular Patients (view summary of innovation




After completing your registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration from Jolly Waghela. If you do not receive confirmation of your registration within 48 hours, please contact Liz Thuo at

Investors interested in cardiovascular innovations are invited to attend the virtual event and contact the companies of interest after the presentation. There will be breakout rooms for interested parties to connect with the presenters. We look forward to seeing you on May 15th! 



Bradley Strauss, MD, PhD

Or Liz Thuo 


Yair Feld, MD, PhD

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