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Graham A. Wright, PhD is a Senior Scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute, a Professor in the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto, and the Canada Research Chair in Imaging for Cardiovascular Therapeutics.


He recently completed 18 years as Research Director of the Schulich Heart Program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. He has also served as Chair of the SCMR Science Committee, President of the International MR Angiography Club and Chair of the Interventional Study Group of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.


The research focus of Dr. Wright’s group is cardiovascular imaging, with an emphasis on MRI. This effort includes basic biophysics to characterize the relationship between MR signals and underlying pathophysiology in blood and tissue; engineering to develop more effective methods and devices to acquire, analyze, and visualize medical images; and application of these tools to assessment, treatment planning, and therapy guidance in ischemic and structural heart diseases, complex arrhythmias, and peripheral vascular diseases. Through work with many clinical collaborators, these tools are being used in a wide range of patient studies.


Together with trainees and collaborators, he has published over 195 peer-reviewed papers and 500 conference abstracts, which have garnered numerous awards and resulted in 25 patents. Dr. Wright collaborates with a broad range of companies from start-ups to multi-nationals in translating research results toward clinical practice and has mentored numerous entrepreneurial trainees who have gone on to establish medical device companies.

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