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The Canada-Israel Cardiovascular Innovation Forum held an innovation competition targeting early and mid-stage companies with projects in either cardiovascular devices or digital heart health. A total of 31 applications were received and 9 were selected to present their innovation at the April 25th CICI Forum Virtual Event. See the list of presenters and applicants below or you may download the list of presenting companies (with summaries of the innovations) or a non-exhaustive list of other innovations submitted to the competition (summaries included).


​Applicant: Stephanie Buryk-Iggers

Company: SPARKED

Innovation: Handheld, non-invasive device for early risk detection of cardiovascular disease
(view summary of innovation

​Applicant: Daniel Gelman

Company: Aufero Medical

Innovation: Device to stabilize contact force during radiofrequency catheter ablation therapy for atrial fibrillation (view summary of innovation

​Applicant: Surath Gomis

Company: Arma Biosciences

Innovation: A handheld device for rapid, continuous remote monitoring of biochemical markers in patients with heart failure (view summary of innovation)

Applicant: Ali Tavallaei

Company: Magellan Biomedical Inc.

Innovation: A novel catheter allowing for accurate localized steering and tracking of endoluminal devices
(view summary of innovation

Applicant: Ryan Tennant

Company: No named company

Innovation: A novel re-entry device for angioplasty of coronary and peripheral chronic total occlusions
(view summary of innovation



​Applicant: Lihu Avitov

Company: Revamp Medical

Innovation: The Doraya Catheter - a novel temporary intravenous flow regulator
(view summary of innovation

​Applicant: Nitai Hanani

Company: Paragate Medical Ltd.

Innovation: Implantable Peritoneal Ultrafiltration Device (IPUD) for continuous and active fluid decongestion in heart failure patients
(view summary of innovation

​Applicant: Elon Reshef

Company: Invatin Technologies Ltd.

Innovation: A novel continuous stroke prevention device
(view summary of innovation)

Applicant: Ariel Weigler

Company: Cuspa Ltd.

Innovation: Transcatheter artificial cusp for repair of valve insufficiency
(view summary of innovation


​Applicant: Sachin Davis

Company: Flora Bioworks

Innovation: A non-invasive diagnostic platform for the identification of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease via metagenomic sequencing of the gut microbiome
(view summary of innovation

​Applicant: Marko Jovic

Company: Cardian Diagnostics

Innovation: Saliva-based non-invasive monitoring for heart failure patients (view summary of innovation

​Applicant: Haman Mamdouhi

Company: Health-Bridge

Innovation: Health-Bridge: eliminating the language barrier in health care (view summary of innovation)



​​Applicant: Doron Adler

Company: Sanolla

Innovation: AI Powered Primary Care Diagnostics Solutions
(view summary of innovation

​Applicant: Arie Huber

Company: PRC Cardio Optic Ltd.

Innovation: An innovative Imaging System For Directing Guidewire Crossing in Arterial Chronic Total Occlusion (“CTO”) and Reducing Contrast Reagent Use in Coronary Angiography (view summary of innovation)

Applicant: Jonathan Maron

Company: VenoVision

Innovation: VenoVision Hemodynamic Remote Monitoring Platform (view summary of innovation


Early/mid-stage companies with projects in either cardiovascular devices or digital heart health were invited to submit applications in the following 3 categories of fundraising: <$500k (e.g. Proof of Principle); $500k-$1M (e.g. Preclinical studies); and >$1M (e.g. First-in-Human Studies).  

  • Judging panels from each country assessed the projects of the other country.

  • Applications were reviewed on the following criteria: novelty of innovation, commercialization potential, and cardiovascular disease target.

  • The top rated projects from Israel and Canada were selected to present their innovation at a virtual event that was held on April 25, 2021. 

  • Investors interested in cardiovascular innovations in both countries were invited to attend the presentations virtually and to contact the companies of interest after the presentation. 

  • Canada-Israel Cardiovascular Innovation Forum does not commit funding to any applying group presenting at the forum, is not responsible for the statements of any group and does not bear any legal or financial responsibility for arrangements between investors and presenters that result from the Forum.

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