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Dr. Courtney trained in electrical and computer engineering at both the University of Waterloo and Stanford University.  He then completed his MD studies at Stanford, while co-founding Kerberos Proximal Solutions, a medical device company for thrombectomy and embolic protection. Brian has lived in Canada since 2004, completing clinical training at the University of Toronto to become an interventional cardiologist and clinician-scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute.  


Conavi Medical, a company that makes imaging systems for minimally invasive procedures, was formed out of research in Dr. Courtney's lab and he has served on the board and as a CEO co-founder.  Conavi's products are improved in multiple regions in North America and Asia.  


Dr. Courtney, Dr. Strauss and Dr. Wright co-founded the Medventions program at Sunnybrook, which teaches fellows and creates a community for fostering medical technology innovations at a local, national and international levels.  He is a co-inventor on over 100 international patents  and is passionate about facilitating the development and adoption of medical technologies that can meaningfully improve patient outcomes.

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